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The testimonials and reviews below are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended as an endorsement of any product. The information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your doctor or local veterinarian.

I read about this product on a consumer veterinary forum. Thus far, it's the only thing that's helped to stabilize/treat the giardia & coccidia (and resulting diarrhea) in my 5-month old puppy. My vets had him on several rounds of Panacur, Flagyl, Albon, and Centrine for the past month with no improvement. It was a bit discouraging because these meds do not necessarily "cure" the problem, according to several vets I consulted. In any case, within a few days of starting Kocci Free, my puppy's diarrhea cleared up nicely. I was lucky to find this product at a local pet store, so I told my vet hospital about it and they're going to check it out as well. --- Barb E.

  I just had to write to tell you how pleased I am with your Kocci-Free!! I just received the "all-clear-of-giardia" phone call from my vet regarding our puppy's most recent fecal exam. Three weeks ago I received the disheartening giardia diagnosis of our 9 week old puppy. I promptly brought home the recommended 1st of 2 rounds of treatment of Flagyl and Panacur, but could not bring myself to use them once I "googled" the toxicity of Flagyl. Luckily my continued "googling" brought me to your website and I ordered and completed a 10 day treatment of Kocci-Free! While being schooled in holistic nutrition and wholeheartedly embracing the S.A.R.F. diet, I was not familiar with holistic pet treatments. You will continue to be my "go-to" website for holistic support. Thank you, thank you, thank you from my family and Portuguese Pointer, Sam. --- Best Regards, Janet T. Oceanside, CA

I thought I would provide you an update on the giardia treatment for my birds. We decided to do the three treatment rotation since Scooter has apparently had giardia for so long. We just finished up the second 10 day round. My birds are greatly improved! Gidget had raw patches where she had picked under her wings and on her lower back. New feathers are growing in! And she used to pull out feathers and scream as she pulled them. Now I very rarely hear her doing that. But the real success story is Scooter, our African Grey. He has NEVER looked so good, knock on wood. This is a bird who has plucked his feathers since he was 7 months old. I cannot believe the new growth of feathers he has. He even has a few tail feathers coming in. He seems so happy, too! --- Lisa

 Hi-This is Cathy N., the lady from IL with the pup with Giardia.....IT'S GONE! He tested negative FINALLY! Thanks Thanks Thanks.....--- Cathy N.
Wolf Creek Ranch NOTE: Cathy's dog had been treated with traditional medicine prior to using Kocci Free. The traditional treatments did not cure the giardia, but the Kocci Free did.

 All four totally recovered from coccidia thanks to Kocci Free. They went back to the shelter about a month ago. Three were adopted quickly.--- Gail

 Just wanted to say thank you for your recommendations of the Kocci Free and food grade diatomaceous earth. It worked great, after traditional veterinary treatment for coccidia didn't.--- Matthew D.

 I got your Kocci Free a few weeks ago for my ferrets. I wanted to let you know they are free of Giardia! I noticed it getting better around Day 6 and worlds better on Day 8 like you said. By the way, I will be recommending your products to fellow pet owners - thank you so much!--- Lauren

 We bought the kocci-free from you for our 5 pups from the mill in northern WI and wanted you to know that they were retested yesterday & today and are NEGATIVE. I truly believe it's because of the Kocci-free. Thank you, thank you, thank you. --- Amy

 I wanted to formally Thank You for all of your help.

I have a 6 month old yorkie named Lizzy who had coccidia/giardia when I contacted you. I had been to the local Vet 4 different times and they had placed her on "albon" and "flagyl". I had tried 3 different rounds of the Albon with no success.

Lizzy has now completed 10 days on the "kocci", as well as the "diatomaceous earth" product and I just had a test done on her this morning and the coccidia/giardia is completely gone. These products work great, and the excellent advice you provided me throughout this process was exceptional.

I will continue the diatomaceous earth products with Lizzy as well as my other dog Dudley as I think it's a great product. I will also keep the "kocci" on hand to use in place of harsh antibiotics. Best Regards,--- Shelly W., Dewey, AZ

 Just thought I'd let you know that we had Gibson's stool tested again and it was free of any Coccidia. Now I know that they say it sometimes can show nothing but they do still have it but for now I am very happy (Gibson too!). I guess the Coccidia remedy worked! Thanks again for all of your help and great info! I attached a pic of Gibson so you could see my 115 pounder!--- Melissa B.

Lucy Hey, Wolf Creek folks - Just received our 2nd bottle of Kochi Free today. After a little over a month of using your product, our little Rex cat Lucy is apparently over the hump & free of the coccidiae cycles that have plagued her for the past couple years. The cycles were getting progressively worse and more frequent until we started using the Kochi drops. Now her stools are firm, her appetite is back to normal and she's actually gaining weight back! She's now back to her old self - a very healthy & happy (16 year old) cat.

Anyway, we wanted to drop you a note and commend you for a wonderful product. Thank you so much. We wish you much success in the future. Best Regards, --- David & Sharla F. (and Lucy)

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