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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

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More than 101 easy ways to go green using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth; easy to read book with suggestions for using DE. Gives tips on how to use Food Grade DE for everything from your animals to environmental uses. 167 Pages. Copyright © 2010.


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Diatomaceous earth (DE) is the remains of microscopic one-celled plants (phytoplankton) called diatoms that lived in the oceans and lakes that once covered the western part of the US and other parts of the world. These deposits are mined from underwater beds or from ancient dried lake bottoms thousands of years old. This means, diatomaceous earth has an unlimited shelf life provided you keep it dry.

Diatomaceous earth is mined, milled, and processed into a myriad of types for a large variety of uses. Filtering and filler are two main uses but diatomaceous earth also ends up in paints, cosmetics, drugs, etc. Because the milling produces different sized and shaped particles, it is important not to use the filtering type for agricultural purposes.

Pool filter grade diatomaceous earth has been heat and chemically treated and will poison an animal or human who ingests it, so it is always of utmost importance to only obtain food grade diatomaceous earth to use in and around your household.

Our chickens are fed Thorvin Kelp daily. DE is kept in their nesting boxes to keep them, clean, dry and odor free
Our Chicks and chickens are fed Thorvin Icelandic Kelp
Meal and Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth daily. DE is
kept in their nesting boxes to keep them dry and odor free!

Diatoms (DE) are the grass of the oceans and lakes. Just as grass is the staple food of earth animals. Diatoms (algae) are the food of the ocean or fresh water grazers. Magnified 7000x, diatomaceous earth looks like spiney honeycombs.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is mined from the purest of deposits. Out of 600 deposits in the U.S., only 4 of these deposits rate in purity by FDA standards to be labeled as "Food Grade."

One of the most exciting trends we have seen is the increasing use of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for human and pet health benefits.

Product Information

Feeding Diatomaceous Earth
Daily recommended food grade diatomaceous earth feeding rates:

Kittens - 1/2 teaspoon
Cats - 1 teaspoon
Puppies - 1/2 to 1 tsp.
Dogs under 35 lbs. - 1 teaspoon
Dogs 35 lbs. to 100 lbs. - 1 tablespoon
Dogs over 100 lbs. - 2 tablespoons
Cattle, Dairy Cows, & Hogs - 2% of dry feed ration
Chickens - 5% in feed
Goats & Sheep - 2% in grain
Horses - 1/2 to 1 cup in daily ration
*Humans - 1 - 2 heaping tablespoon daily

Internal feeding of food grade diatomaceous earth helps eliminate most internal worms, though possibly not all. It's also excellent when fed daily to keep down odor, since food grade diatomaceous earth is eliminated from the body, exactly the way it went in, it helps reduce the manure odor.

Mix in animal feed or grain and/or feed free choice. Our goats, fowl, and dogs eat it free choice.

*The manufacturers recommended feeding rates for people is 1 heaping tablespoon daily. We take 2 tbsps. daily, simply because the RDA for 100 lb. dogs is 2 tbsps. and most of the humans here weigh 130 lbs. or more. Since DE won't hurt us and we know the DE has to come in contact with worms/parasites to eliminate them, a little more is better than not enough.

I recommend starting with 1 tbsp. daily and increasing as desired, after you are certain you aren't having heavy detox effects from the die off of worms. I recommend starting with 1 tbsp. daily and increasing as desired, after you are certain you aren't having heavy detox effects from the die off of worms. Some recommend to dose humans by mixing food grade diatomaceous earth in a glass of water before bed or first thing in the morning, well before breakfast, to allow diatomaceous earth time to move through and absorb toxins from one's digestive tract without interfering or absorbing nutrients from foods or liquids. Some report great results consuming 1 tsp. in a glass of water prior to each meal, 3x/day. Some recommend to dose humans by mixing food grade diatomaceous earth in a glass of water before bed or first thing in the morning, well before breakfast, to allow diatomaceous earth time to move through and absorb toxins from one's digestive tract without interfering or absorbing nutrients from foods or liquids. Some report great results consuming 1 tsp. in a glass of water prior to each meal, 3x/day.

If fecal counts are not zero for worms and ova after feeding DE for 30 days, increase the daily dose. Feeding too small a dose of DE will not give desired results. Increasing the dose, even if greater than the above recommendations, will not harm anyone. Some horses do fine on 1/2 cup of DE daily, others need a full cup. This reminds us, that all beings are different. So again, if the worm and ova counts are not zero, increase your daily dose.

Click here for more Diatomaceous Earth Information.


DE manufacturers who work in diatomaceous earth mines 5 days/week advise inhaling it is not a problem (though of course, don't be snuffing it) and we have not had problems when inhaling DE in small amounts. IF you have asthma or some other lung ailment, either wear a mask or be very careful when using food grade diatomaceous earth.

Do NOT get diatomaceous earth in the eyes. DE is drying to the eyes, so do NOT put it out when you or your pets are down wind of it. DE is drying to your skin, hands, and feet, just as it can be to your pets.

Do NOT use heavily in carpet. Some advise too much DE causes vacuum problems.

NEVER use pool filter grade or any diatomaceous earth other than those labeled "Food Grade" for yourself or your animals. It can poison or kill them.

Some people experience a healing crisis (detox reaction) when beginning DE consumption. If this occurs, reduce the dose, untill your body is cleansed, and then increase to the RDA.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Analysis
Mineral PPM % Composite     Mineral PPM % Composite
Calcium 1300 0.13     Vanadium 4 0.0004
Magnesium 750.67 0.075067     Germanium 2 0.0002
Potassium 478 0.0478     Cadium 1 0.0001
Copper 4 0.0004     Lead 5 0.0005
Zinc 5.33 0.000533     Aluminum 1100 0.1100
Iron 950 0.0950     Arsenic 0 0
Phosphorous 76 0.0076     Lithium 3 0.0003
Selenium 2 0.0002     Stronium 20 0.002
Silicon (Soluble) 21.67 0.002167     Barium 11.33 0.001133
Boron 7 0.0007     Gold 0.067 0.0000067
Maganese 32.33 0.003233     Telurium 0 00
Chromium 2.33 0.000233     Thalium 0 0
Cobalt 5.67 0.000567     Beryllium 0.05 0.000005
Tin 3.67 0.000367     Bismuth 0 0
Nickel 2.33 0.000233     Total Acid Soluble   0.5470117
Molybdenum 0.67 0.000067     Acid Insoluble Matrix   99.4529883*
          Total Composition   100.0000000

* Note: Difference from Acid Solutes. Purity of the Diatomaceous Earth was confirmed by MALDI mass spectometry, indicating that the material is virtually free from any other form of contamination.

MALDI is a technique in which the matrix is used to assist ionization of molecules on the surface of the material, caused by a blast from a UV Laser. This analysis confirms purity and suggests that even the above listed trace elements are not readily ionized and volatilized from the surface.

Galen D. Knight, Ph.D.
President, VitaleTherapeutics, Inc.
3205 Arizona NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 USA
voice: (505)884-8644


The testimonials and reviews below are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended as an endorsement of any product. The information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your doctor or local veterinarian.

After spending over $100. on vet bills, I discovered DE for my new-found cat who I eventually diagnosed (the vet missed it) with mange! It worked like a charm! I bought a large bag so I can now use it in my garden, and supply all my neighbors who need to try it out, too!- I love it! --- Dorothy A.

1 cup D earth daily to horses with tapeworms clears them. --- Alisa K.,East Aurora, NY

Long time customer. Weekly use of food grade diatomaceous earth has resolved my issues with spider and varicose veins, as well as restless leg syndrome. It is not permanent, but it is a safe, long term treatment for issues that have plagued.  --- Elizabeth R.

Made my hair and nails grow incredibly fast, improved complexion, improved overall well-being significantly!
 --- Jessica M.

I have been taking de for a week,and love the effects. I have been taking two heaping tablespoons daily. Thanks, --- Tom

I recently purchased my first supply of DE and my dogs are all adjusting to it well. I have a question and would love your feed back. One of my Newfoundlands gets hot spots often. I think they are related to the humidity here in MN. When he started getting some last week I applied some DE to them and they dried up over night! Do you feel this is an appropriate use of the DE? I have lots of friends with dogs here that get hot spots and they are all waiting for your advice.
Thanks in advance for your help
 --- Meridith

I've really found the DE to be one of the best things to feed my animals. The most noticeable difference has been in my 20-something-year-old mare. She was skinny and in pathetic condition nearly 3 years ago when I rescued her. Now people think she's young (except for her sway back.) Good stuff! Take care,
--- Darlene

I'm so glad I found out about food grade diatomaceous earth through your web site. Since I received my supply from you, I've been feeding it to all my feral and domestic cats. I've already noticed them passing lots of worms (not sure exactly what kind they are.)
Thank you,--- Joyce

Hi, I have been giving my Chocolate Lab DE for 2 weeks now, she is about 14 years old she has been having trouble moving around she has lost weight, and the vet told us he thought maybe some internal organs might be shutting down. My girlfriend told me about DE and how it has helped her dogs, so I thought I would give it a try. She has done a 180 let me tell you, she is even romping around like a puppy, I just can't believe it. So my question to you is and i have been looking at your site but I'm not able to find what I am looking for. I would like to see what you have for humans, in vitamins or DE in pill form???? For Humans...Can you help I'm not finding this on your site. Thank You,--- Cheryl C.
Note: We do not carry DE in pill form, as it really doesn't taste bad in water, tea, coffee, juice, etc., and capsule form may not dissolve completely in the intestinal tract, which is where DE does it's work.

I recently purchased your food grade diatomaceous earth and am experiencing good results from it although I have been on it only 2 1/2 weeks. I had to increase my dosage slowly as after the first two days I experienced flu like symptoms. I can already tell a difference in my fingernails and hair. For years I have been extremely acidic and am looking for ways to balance my ph levels to a more alkaline level. I have read where DE is alkalizing and also kelp.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,--- S.D. Branscome

Thanks so much for your response.... WHOO-HOOO ! ............. The fecal just came back zero for worms and coccidia. The vet techs were just shaking their heads in amazement .... lol ..................!

They have been getting their din-din laced with DE for the last week I just put some in the bowl as I grind some fresh beef heart for them every night.. I will talk to hubby about stocking the other remedies you mentioned? BTW he wants to give a Parvo poke to the puppies and of course I refuse so I just may take my puppies and run away .... got a spare room ? lol
Thanks again for your valued advice, --- Shirley

I just wanted to follow up on your advice. I had already had your DE here to us for other things when I figured out one of the guinea pigs probably had mites as she was losing fur. It's not that I don't spend enough already on all my animals, even the guinea pigs (who get the best hay and pellets from the pacific northwest and fresh greens twice a day), but I was dreading a bill from an exotics animal vet plus the shots. So when I realized your DE might work and I asked for your second opinion, I am thrilled to report that her fur is coming back in and she is looking (and feeling I'm sure) so much better. Thanks so much!--- Lynn

My family are feeling much better when on diatomaceous! Thank You!--- Jeanette M.

I have only been using Diatomaceous Earth on my two dogs for a few weeks now. I have heard good things about D.E. from a number of people. I do not want to use any chemicals on my pets so I am very grateful that I've found a product that works. The dogs love their massage while applying D.E. ! --- Lois J

This stuff kills tapeworms in horses.--- Alisa K.

This product has done miracles for my cat and her bowel movements. Her stool is firm and no more foul odor. Thank you!--- Andrew M.

You are so amazing. You are Heroes and Champions to America! Love to use Diatomaceous Earth.
It strengthens, heals your body. It rids your body of all sorts of things that are so very hazardous. Plus there is no taste, it feels to the touch so soft. It all brings you confidence that you are giving your body positive nourishment to handle anything the world throws at you.--- Allison L.

I have used Kocci Free with DE and saw amazing results after many prescriptions for parasites from my vet. --- --- Linda H.

The Diatomaceous Earth is great for my dogs! Their 'tummy troubles' disappeared within days of restarting the D.E. - which I will no longer discontinue. --- June R., East Boston, MA

Very good for bed bugs.--- Lourdes O., Brooklyn, NY

I wanted to take a moment to drop you a note about the DE I recently purchased from you.

I currently have seven dogs and one cat and since I live very closely with them, when I spotted remnant of tapeworms, I was sure everyone had them, including me, so I started researching. Chemicals are expensive and out of my financial means, and I wasn't sure I wanted to take them myself, so, as pointed out on your website, why would I give them to my dogs?

I decided to give the D.E. a try. It's not the first time I'd heard of it, but it hadn't come to my attention for some years - which I find surprising and all of us began injesting it about two weeks ago. Since I do not follow my dogs into the woods to check their feces, I don't know what has come out for them, but for me - well, the proof was in the pot.

I was concerned as to how I would administer the DE to my dogs as they are fed primarily dry food, but I've put it on their food and they eat it with no hesitation! In addition, every morning they get a spoonful of a special concoction of chicken, brown rice, and carrots was thoroughly cooked and mixed with two parts DE and enough broth to wet it all (1 quart rice mixture with 2 quarts DE). The dogs LOVE it! Even my cat loves it and lets me know she's ready for it in her bowl.

I intend to switch from chemical flea killers to DE as well. I know the chemical stuff stings as I've splashed it on my skin, so it always pains me to apply it to my dear critters. Thanks much,--- Laura G.

I have to tell you i started use DE about 3 weeks ago...I am a dog breeder of about 80 adult dogs...The first thing i have noticed is the fly population is going...I live in a rural area across the street from a dairy farm. Been living here two years, the flies were horrible. I also worked in the pest control business for years and have never seen anything like this. I just mix it in their dog food and that's the only way I am using it so far. This is some amazing stuff. I am going to tell the dairy farmer about it. Thanks,--- Donny

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