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"My horses love your kelp. Thank you. Lori Northrup - Friends of Sound Horses


Hi Julie,

I am very glad to report that my horse is now giardia free after using your product (Kocci Free).  I got the results from his test yesterday.  I was very worried that it may not have  done the job as I run out of the drops into the 8th day.  I had started my dog on them as well but on the 5th day I realised I wasnít going to get the 10 days for my horse.  I couldnít get him to take the drops Ďneatí so hollowed out pieces of carrot put the drops in then plugged it up with what I had taken out.  I didnít know if that would compromise the effectiveness of the Kocci free or not but I really didnít have any choice.  So the result is great.

Finally Julie I deeply appreciate your genuine service and help. It is always a risk buying on the internet and having to trust the other party.

Kindest regards

Teri in New Zealand


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