Veterinary Syringes



VETERINARY SYRINGES - These are luer slip syringes without needles that are excellent for administering measured amounts of Parvaid, CS, tinctures, etc. Reinforced tip, large finger grips, smooth draw and easy-to-read graduations. Rubber plunger with double contact for a positive seal and effortless injection. FDA approved, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, sterile and autoclavable.

If purchasing for use with Parvaid or Kitty Distempaid, syringe size needed is based on the weight of the puppy, raccoon, or kitten. We suggest two syringes, one for oral doses and one for enema doses, in the event enemas are needed. Enemas may be necessary to prevent dehydration. Make sure to mark the enema syringe clearly, as you never want to accidentally use an enema syringe for an oral dose, even after it's been washed, as you can reinfect a puppy or raccoon with parvo or a kitty with distemper.

Animals weighing under 3 lbs. need 5cc or 6 cc syringes. Animals weighing 3 to 10 pounds need 12 ml syringes. Animals weighing 11-20 pounds need 20 ml syringes. Animals weighing 21 to 41 pounds need 60 ml syringes. Animals over 50 lbs. need a larger syringe, which we do not carry at this time. These syringe size recommendations are based on use when using with Parvaid or Kitty Distempaid with electrolyte fluid. If you are not adding electrolyte fluid, then the smallest 5 to 6cc syringes are fine.

Please temporarily disable your browser's pop-up blocker or you won't be able to order. The shopping cart uses a pop up window to display your purchase. IF you are ordering multiple small items, our shipping calculator may overcharge you for shipping. IF this occurs, we will refund the excess shipping charges when processing your order. If desired, you can call us (951) 674-0921 to inquire about the cost to ship multiple items.

SYRINGE 6 ml - $1.00
SYRINGE 6 ml (5) - $4.50
SYRINGE 12 ml - $1.75
SYRINGE 12 ml (5) - $6.50
SYRINGE 20 ml - $2.50
SYRINGE 20 ml (5) - $9.00
SYRINGE 60 ml - $3.25
SYRINGE 60 ml (5) - $13.25

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