Pet Health Care Kit




Canine Care Kit has excellent organic remedies that help keep puppies and dogs healthy and well.FOR EMERGENCY, PREVENTION, & NON-EMERGENCY SITUATIONS

Natural organic canine and feline health care kits travel easily in a nice bag, so you can take it in your car, to shows, to the park, or just leave in your house with all the ingredients you need for emergency needs, disease prevention, and non-emergency situations? This herbal PET HEALTH CARE KIT is great for your dog and puppy or your cat and kitten. One PET HEALTH CARE KIT is made specifically for dogs and puppies and the other is for cats and kittens. This kit is easy to carry and travels easily anywhere you and your pets go.

This PET CARE KIT contains products formulated to help your dog, cat, or other pet overcome illnesses such as Parvo; Feline Distemper; Kennel Cough, Coccidia, Giardia, and the Canine Flu. The PET CARE KIT also has an immunity enhancement to give added protection from the diseases cats and dogs are susceptible to as well as reduce free radicals and stimulate circulation which are important to the system for optimum health. The PET CARE KIT has products that help natural processes of detoxification, elimination, oxygen carrying capabilities, circulation, immune function, & cellular regeneration, making this kit beneficial to the system for its ability to keep toxins out of the body as well as eliminate illnesses from the lymphatic system. The PET CARE KIT includes 1 ounce bottles of each: PARVAID (for dogs) OR KITTY DISTEMPAID (for cats); VIBACTRA PLUS; PET'S COUGH & COLD FORMULA; VACCINATION & WORMER DETOX and a 2 dram bottle of KIDNEY REJUVENATOR and a 2 dram bottle of URINARY TRACT RELIEF and one 5 cc/ml syringe, a small leash, Band-Aids, and pamphlets for each product to tell you how to use them. The PET CARE KITS have a 4 to 6 year shelf life.

PET CARE KITS make excellent gifts.

Feline Care Kit
 Canine Care Kit




CANINE CARE KIT (1) - $115.97 Priority Mail (3-5 days)
CANINE CARE KIT'S (2) - $215.97 Priority Mail (3-5 days)

CANINE CARE KIT (1) - $115.97 Express (1-2 days)

CANINE CARE KIT'S (2) - $215.97 Express (1-2 days)

FELINE CARE KIT (1) - $118.97 Priority Mail (3-5 days)

FELINE CARE KIT (1) - $118.97 Express Mail (1-2 days)



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