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From a Veterinary Technician
Thank you so much for creating and selling your miracle in a bottle called Parvaid!!!

I am a registered Veterinary Technician, although I am not currently working so that I can be a stay at home mom. Last week our family adopted a precious blonde lab mix from the shelter and the next day took her in for vaccines. Unfortunately it was too late to prevent parvo because she was already incubating it.

Fancy started showing symptoms of Parvo on Friday, 3 days after her vaccines. I immediately took her to the vet to confirm with a positive parvo test. Since I am a vet tech they sent me home with supplies to run an IV with all of the meds at home. On Saturday she was vomiting, had the bloody diarrhea and was weakening. She was worse on Sunday.

Monday she was still not showing any improvement so I decided to order some Parvaid and see what happened. It arrived promptly on Tuesday. Tuesday morning she was extremely weak after vomiting several times through the night and I could see every bone on her body. When I took her out to potty she would urinate and then use all her strength to move two steps over and collapse.

I started the Parvaid drops at 11am on Tuesday. By 6pm I had to take her on a leash to go potty because she was trotting around the yard and wagging her tail a bit, there had also been no vomiting or diarrhea since starting the Parvaid. By 4 am when I came to check on her IV and dose her with Parvaid she leapt out of her cage and gave me the first puppy kisses I'd gotten in days. She did vomit a very tiny amount once during the night.

Wednesday morning she was whining and pawing to be let out of her cage and very playful, trying to jump up on the couch. Wednesday about noon she was eating on her own and still no vomiting. I removed the IV Wednesday evening. By 11pm on Wednesday she has just pooped outside and it is solid, no more diarrhea!!!!!

Never in my many years as a vet tech have I seen a puppy go from vomiting and listless to playful puppies eating on their own without vomiting and no diarrhea in 36 hours!!!!!!!! This is truly amazing and I can't wait to go to the vet tomorrow and tell them all about it!!!!

Bless you Ambertech!!!!!!

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In late May, 2003, little JC came into my life. 5 days after arriving, during the first week of June, 2003, on a Saturday morning, I realized that he was very listless, not willing to eat or drink anything.

I had never heard of the parvo virus. After speaking with the emergency Vet I was told to bring him in. He was diagnosed as suffering from an infection of parvo virus. They then explained a bit about it and I was devastated. The little fellow had already wormed his way into my heart.

They admitted JC to the hospital, in grave condition. He was kept in isolation. I returned home and began my online research into the parvo virus. When I learned what it does and what it is about I was even more devastated. The emergency vet did not give him a very good prognosis primarily because of his young age and small size, less than two pounds. See photograph.

I spent the weekend studying and learning about this horrible illness. I visited JC several times - each time, having to don a gown and gloves, watching his poor body, heavily sedated, struggling to survive by building up his own immunity. On each visit, I was escorted out the back door to minimize the risk of infecting other dogs. I learned that I had to bleach EVERYTHING at home. I even bleached the yard. (I still ponder the imponderable - why is it so easy to kill the virus outside the body but impossible to do so once it gets in?)

By the Grace of God, I found your website. I purchased a bottle of Parvaid and Pat gave me the recipe for tea to be given to JC while waiting for the Parvaid to be delivered. As might be expected, the Vet was quite skeptical and it took quite a battle to get them to administer the tea. Of course, it would be Monday before the bottle of Parvaid could be delivered. That bottle arrived Monday afternoon and I rushed it over to the emergency hospital. Again, I had to get firm with the Vet to get their commitment to administer it to him. I recall that Monday afternoon JC's condition seemed to be deteriorating and, frankly, they were not sure he would make it another day. However, they did agree to administer the Parvaid according to your instructions.

On Tuesday morning, when I called to check on him, I was told that he was awake and sitting up. I was astounded. Within a few days, he was home, well on his way to recovery.

In December, 2005, my 20 year old cat was diagnosed with cancer. That same emergency vet saw Bandit one evening and he remembered treating JC. In fact, I had permitted them to keep the bottle and he told me that he has been able to use it with other dogs they have treated. I think if we could win him over, we can win anyone over.

About a week after his return from the hospital, we were continuing our routine of putting him into his carrier to sleep at night. Of course, he fought that vigorously - he hated going into that carrier. (I would place the carrier on the other side of my king sized bed so that he could see me during the night.) One Friday night, as we were preparing for bed, JC curled up in the bed and went to sleep, before I put him into the carrier. I decided to let him sleep a bit before moving him. Of course, I awoke in the morning with JC still sleeping in the bed next to me. During the day that Saturday, we were in the yard working. In mid-afternoon, we took a break from the heat. Shadow, our Newfoundland, lay down in the living room in front of a fan, I sat on the couch and on the other side of a chair, obscured from my view, JC was lying on the floor next to his carrier, chewing on a piece of rawhide. After a while, I realized that I had not heard him chewing so got up to see what he was up to.

As if to say "I'm a big boy, now, I slept outside the carrier so I don't need it anymore" all two pounds of him had quietly pulled EVERY SINGLE ITEM, including a very large bath towel, out of his carrier and carefully stacked them outside of the carrier. My life has never been the same again.

Today, JC is still doing well. See recent photograph of him guarding the house. Tuging the rope. Walking on ice.

Thank you so much for saving his life. Thank you for Parvaid.

Jim Conrad
Charlotte, North Carolina

About 10 days ago I contacted you regarding one of my dogs that had Parvo.

He became ill on Thursday and was so ill that we decided that we would have him put to sleep on Friday. It was Thursday night that I found your website and decided to contact you. You immediately sent me the Tea recipe. This sustained my dog until I was able to receive the Parvaid.

The Parvaid arrived overnight, within 48 hrs. of starting treatment we noticed great improvement. Within 4-5 days he was back to his old self.

It is so hard to believe that our only option less than a week before had appeared to be death.

We had a second dog contract the disease within days of the first. We had already begun to administer maintenance treatments per your instructions, he never did develop the disease as severely as the first dog and has also recovered completely.

I was so impressed when I called, on the weekend no less, and not only was able to order the treatment but also found someone willing to give me instruction and encouragement.

I will be sure to recommend your product if ever the need arises.

Thank You So Much !!!

Sandie Wolf

I am just writing to thank you for making this wonderful product. I have four small chihuahua mix dogs that belong to my children. A few months ago one of them came down with parvo. At the time I didn't know about your product and ended up spending $1200 to save the dog. A little later one of our dogs had puppies. When one of the puppies failed to thrive I received help from Julie Hamilton in Lake Elsinore, CA. She was very sweet and took her time helping me.

Because of that experience I had a bottle of Parvaid in the house this past week when another dog came down with parvo. I recognized the symptoms from the first dog. She was listless, barely wanted to move because her stomach hurt, and she threw up twice. She refused all food and would barely drink water. I certainly didn't wait for her to get worse. I grabbed that bottle of Parvaid and began giving her doses immediately. I didn't have any pedialyte so I just gave her five drops on her tongue every hour until I could get to the store. She stopped vomiting after the first dose. By 24 hours later she was drinking water normally and acting like her normal self. I believe your product helped stop a full blown case of parvo in its tracks!

Thank you again,
Diana Gillam
Murrieta, Ca

Several days ago in a panic I contacted you trying to find some Parvaid for our 5 month old Golden Retriever named Lou. Last Tuesday my husband and I noticed Lou seemed a little out of sorts. Wednesday he seemed fine until late in the evening he started to vomit. Thursday morning we woke up to bloody loose stools and a dog that wouldn't even open his eyes or try to move at all. We rushed him to the vet and heard every dog lover's worst nightmare, Parvo. Our vet told us he was too far gone and they thought we should put him to sleep.

I absolutely could not do it. The vet sent us home with Lou after giving him antibiotic injections and sub q fluids and no hope at all. By Thursday night Lou seemed a little bit better. He wasn't eating or drinking but he was looking at us and thumping his tail a little.

Friday morning came and Lou suddenly looked like he wasn't going to make it. At this point I got online desperate to find anything more I could do to save our baby. I found Parvaid and Julie Hamilton and Peggy Watson in Tuscon, Arizona who will both always be thought of as our angels. I wrote Julie an email and she called me within a half an hour offering me much reassurance and hope. She and Peggy moved heaven and earth to get Parvaid in our hands that day. Peggy found a woman who she'd given some too that lived closer to us so we wouldn't have to make the 2 1/2 hour drive to Tuscon while Lou was so sick. My parents actually drove to this woman's house to pick it up for us.

When the Parvaid got here Lou looked horrible. He wouldn't even respond to me at all. I started enema's right away. Within two hours he was opening his eyes when I said his name. All night Friday I gave him enema's and by morning I was able to give it orally. He was walking around our house by Saturday afternoon. My husband drove to Tuscon Saturday to get more Parvaid. By Saturday night Lou was counter surfing for food!

Since Saturday he has been eating more and more. He's been chasing his ball and "talking" to us when we don't throw it for him. I thought he was sick?? :) He's filling out again and I can no longer see his ribs!!

I have no words at all that will properly thank you and everyone else that helped us. As I write this Lou is running up and down our stairs with his ball and I'm crying tears of relief and happiness. I'm including a few photograph's taken this afternoon of our Lou and my children. I feel like making Lou a t-shirt that says "I love Parvaid!" Thank you so much for everything. You saved our dog's life and this family will always and forever be grateful to you!

Thank you,
The Ortiz family in Arizona and Lou

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