Kidney Rejuvenator

Kidney Rejuvenator helps rid toxins out of the blood, cleanse the urinary tract system, promote proper kidney function and reduces inflammation. Kidney Rejuvenator is designed to help your dog, cat, rabbit, raccoon, horse, ferret, and other pet's overall urinary tract system function better allowing the kidneys to filter out the harmful toxins that may be causing your pet to develop diseases or show signs of age at early onset. Kidney Rejuvenator may help your pet feel better and look healthier.

Many times our kidneys can get overloaded with what vets call kidney stones, which are very painful. Kidney Rejuvenator can help get rid of those painful stones. If used as a maintenance, Kidney Rejuvenator can keep kidney stones from coming back.

Bacteria can also be a cause of kidney malfunction. Amber Tech has put together Kidney Rejuvenator and Urinary Tract Relief to give your pet the ultimate kidney support. It may not be enough to give kidney enhancers, especially if there is a bacterial infection (often kidney malfunction is related to bacteria). The Urinary Tract Relief may help rid the bacteria from the urinary tract system, including the kidneys.

Kidneys are amazing organs. They filter out waste in our blood and send it into our urinary tract system in a way our body can tolerate so we do not get sick from the chemicals. When the kidneys do not function as they should, the body does not release the toxins and will build up a deadly amount of body waste, which can eventually be extremely detrimental to our or our pet's health and well being.

Your pet's body knows how to heal. It just needs the right ingredients to do so.

Helpful Tips for Better Recovery:

  • Give your pet distilled drinking water. This will help keep unnecessary toxins out of your pet's diet.

  • Give plant based vitamins and minerals. This will give your pet the nutrients it needs to help recover more quickly.

  • EXERCISE will stimulate the circulation.

Toxins that can affect your pet's kidneys:

  • Chemicals and preservatives in the diet

  • Drinking water which has been treated with chlorine and fluoride

  • Vaccinations Flea collars and preventatives

  • Second hand cigarette smoke

  • Pollution in the environment

  • Wormers

PLEASE NOTE:  IF your pet was affected by the Menu Foods Pet Food Recall of March 16, 2007, please view our Pet Food Recall Recommended Protocol. Hopefully your pet has NOT been affected by this, but if he or she has, please view our protocol information to assist your pet in recovering from the poisoning, kidney failure, and poor liver health.

What do the kidneys do?

The kidneys are organs which maintain the balance of certain chemicals in your dog, cat, or other animal's blood while filtering out the body's wastes as urine. The kidneys also help regulate blood pressure, help regulate the production of calcium and phosphorus metabolism, and produce a hormone that stimulates red-blood-cell production called erythropoiten.

There are tens of thousands of microscopic funnel shaped tubes in the kidneys called nephrons. These tiny structures are responsible for filtering and reabsorbing the fluids that balance the body. These nephrons are susceptible to damage due to many causes such as poisons, aging, infection, trauma, cancer, auto-immune diseases, and genetic predisposition. If any of these occur the entire nephron stops functioning. Fortunately, due to both the reserve capacity of the kidney and the ability of the nephrons to grow larger, the kidney can still function. If damage to nephrons occurs gradually and the surviving nephrons have enough time to hypertrophy, a kidney can continue to function with as few as 25 percent of its original nephrons.

When the number of functioning nephrons drops below 25 percent or when damage occurs too suddenly for the remaining nephrons to compensate, kidney failure occurs. There are two types of kidney failure. Acute kidney failure is a sudden loss of function that is sometimes but not always reversible. Chronic kidney failure is an irreversible loss of function that occurs gradually over months or years.

Failing kidneys can't adequately clear the blood of certain toxins. These include urea (a nitrogen-containing byproduct of protein metabolism) and creatinine (a chemical byproduct of muscle exertion). As a result, when the kidneys fail, there is an abnormally high level of these wastes products. Other blood components normally regulated by the kidneys - such as phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium, and chloride - may also rise or fall abnormally. Failing kidneys may also produce extremely dilute urine or urine that contains too much protein. Healthy kidneys produce concentrated urine that is relatively protein-free.

Acute kidney failure occurs so suddenly surviving nephrons don't have time to compensate. This abrupt failure can occur if the kidney is damaged by an infection, or harmful substances such as antifreeze and rat poison; or certain medications, including some antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs.

Many cases of bacterial kidney diseases can be successfully treated. Leptospira is one bacterium that can cause acute renal failure. Other bacteria can also cause kidney infections, invading the urinary tract, the bladder or prostate for example, and ascending up to the kidneys.

Ingesting as little as a teaspoon of ethyleneglycol-based antifreeze, which forms crystals inside the dog's nephrons and shuts down kidney function is usually fatal. Unfortunately, this product has a sweet taste which attracts pets to drink it. (Propylene-glycol-based antifreeze is a safer way to protect your car and your dog.) Another potentially lethal substance is rat poison. If a dog eats rat poison containing calciferol (a form of vitamin D) the calciferol pushes up the dog's calcium level, causing mineral deposits, inflammation, and other damage within the kidneys.

Ironically, treatments for some non kidney diseases can jeopardize the kidneys. Although most antibiotics cause no harm to the kidneys, practitioners should closely monitor patients on certain antibiotics - gentamicin, for example - because of potential damage to nephrons. Cisplatin (an anticancer drug) and amphotericin B (a drug for serious fungal infections) can also cause acute kidney damage. In general, before you decide on a course of treatment for any condition, ask your veterinarian about the benefits and risks of all available options.

Nobody can survive without the function of the kidneys. People as well as beloved pets and animals should cleanse their kidneys at least twice/year.

Kidney Rejuvenator is an all natural herbal remedy that contains human grade quality herbs:

Yarrow - Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, digestive, helps control bleeding, and reduces fever.
White Willow - A natural form of aspirin that reduces pain, fever, and inflammation. Antiseptic, diuretic, and tonic.
Uva Ursi - Useful for kidney stones, bladder infections, and urinary tract infections. Antiseptic, antimicrobial, and acts on the mucus membranes of the urinary tract to soothe irritation, reduce inflammation, and fight infection.
Mullein - Anti-viral properties, astringent, promotes discharge of mucous, and soothes irritated mucous membranes.
Blessed Thistle - Stimulates cellular regeneration, detoxification and cleansing, stimulates bile flow and cleanses the liver.
Parsley Root - A diuretic that is rich in vitamins A and C. Also rich in minerals: calcium, iron, riboflavin, potassium, thiamin, with t race amounts of niacin. It should not be used by pregnant animals as it is also a uterine stimulant.
Cloves - Have a positive effect on stomach ulcers. Helps stop vomiting, relieves gas, stimulates digestion, kills parasites, exhibits broad anti-microbial properties. Effective against fungus infection and alleviates pain.
Golden Seal - Goldenseal is considered a useful antiseptic and astringent and is commonly used to treat a host of skin, eye, and mucous membrane inflammatory and infectious conditions.
Hyssop - Aids mild cramping and discomfort in the digestive tract.
Pine Needles - Contain similar properties that cranberries have. High in Vitamin C, cleanse the mucous lining of the bladder and urethra.
Lemon - Contains flavinoids and naturally occurring Vitamin C. Excellent to for cleansing the liver.
Rosemary - Antioxidant, aids digestion, antibacterial, and blood cleansing.
Alcohol - To bring out the properties in the herbs and preserve the tincture.
Distilled Water

One 1 ounce bottle of Kidney Rejuvenator will treat approximately two medium sized dogs (30 lbs.) and 3 adult cats. Kidney Rejuvenator has a 4 year shelf (longer if kept in a cool dark place).



Animal Weight

Kidney Rejuvenator

under 3 lbs.

2 drops

3 to 10 lbs.

5 drops

11 to 20 lbs.

10 drops

21 to 149 lbs.

15 drops

150 to 249 lbs.

20 drops or 1 cc/ml

250 to 300 lbs.

25 drops or 1/4 tsp.

301 to 400 lbs.

30 drops

401 to 500 lbs.

35 drops

501 to 600 lbs.

40 drops or 2 cc/ml

601 to 700 lbs.

45 drops

701 to 800 lbs.

50 drops or 1/2 tsp.

801 to 900 lbs.

55 drops

901 to 1000 lbs.

60 drops or 3 cc/ml

1001 lbs. and up

**See below**

**Suggested Use for larger animals such as horses, elephants, giraffes, etc.: Add an additional 5 drops of the Kidney Rejuvenator for each additional 100 pounds of the animal's body weight to each dose. Please note: 100 drops = 1 tsp.; 50 drops = 1/2 tsp.; 25 drops = 1/4 tsp. A one (1) ounce bottle of Kidney Rejuvenator contains approximately 1080 drops and a 4 ounce bottle contains approximately 4,320 drops.

Suggested Use:  Shake well before each use. Select proper dosage of Kidney Rejuvenator from the chart above. Give orally once daily for up to 10 days.  One 1 oz. bottle of Kidney Rejuvenator will treat approximately 2 medium sized dogs and 3 adult cats. For infections in birds or reptiles, it is suggested to add 2 drops to their waterers. Do NOT dose birds or reptiles directly in their mouths.

For long-term use:  After each 10 day treatment, take your pet off Kidney Rejuevantor for 10 days then repeat another 10 day cycle. Urinary Tract Relief can be used during the 10 day cycle that the Kidney Rejuvenator. Kidney Rejuvenator dosage can be increased to a maximum of 3 times/day for 30 day cycles, giving 5 day breaks in between each 30 day cycle. Kidney Rejuvenator is effective to help lower BUN levels.

For use treating kidney stones:  Use in conjunction with Amber Tech's Urinary Tract Relief for best results, to help prevent infection. Check with your Veterinarian if blood is found in the urine to rule out serious situations.

If your pet has been affected by a recalled pet food, please read our Pet Food Recall Protocol.

For use with HeartWorm Free: Give Kidney Rejuvenator 10 days on and 10 days off throughout the full heart worm treatment.  IF your dog has severe symptoms such as coughing, give Kidney Rejuvenator once/day for 30 days, then give a 5 day break, then increase the Kidney Rejuvenator dose to twice/day for 30 day cycles, with a 5 day break in between cycles.  Kidney Rejuvenator will help cleanse the kidneys, so your dog can eliminate the dead microfilaria more quickly, helping your dog to recover from HeartWorm more quickly and easily.

How much Kidney Rejuvenator will you need?

Supplement Fact Chart
Serving Size - See Chart Below
Pet Weight Kidney Rejuvenator Servings Per 1 oz. Bottle # of Pet's Treated
Under 3 lbs. 2 drops 540 6
3-10 lbs. 5 drops 216 2.4
11-20 lbs. 10 drops 108 1.2
21-150 lbs. 15 drops 72 0.8
151-250 lbs. 20 drops 54 0.6
251-300 lbs. 25 drops 43 0.5

Chart is based on a 3 times daily for 30 days treatment plan.

Note: Each above dose is less than 1ml.

Warning:   Keep out of reach of children.  This product should not be used if pregnant, nursing, or diabetic. Use with Veterinarian supervision if pet is in renal failure. Be sure your pet has plenty of fresh water to drink to help flush toxins from the kidneys.  Always check with a veterinarian before starting any new health program.  An overdose can cause miscarriage.  Do not use in pregnant animals. Watch for allergic symptoms such as hives, trouble swallowing and swelling around the eyes.

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


KIDNEY REJUVENATOR - Natural herbal remedy helps cleanse and detox your pet's kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract. Kidney Rejuvenator helps detox toxins and waste, such as those from: vaccinations, antibiotics, pollution, chemical wormers, chlorine & fluoride in tap water, etc. We recommend cleansing your own and your pet's kidneys at least once every six months.

If your pet or animal is affected by recurring urinary tract infections, use Kidney Rejuvenator in conjunction with Urinary Tract Relief (aka UTR) for best results.

KIDNEY REJUVENATOR (2) 1 oz. - $62.97
KIDNEY REJUVENATOR 4 oz. - $118.97
KIDNEY REJUVENATOR (2) 4 oz. - $190.97



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