Heartworm Free

HEARTWORM FREE (aka HWF) is a natural organic herbal treatment which helps your canine fight heartworm aka dirofilariasis imminitis. HeartWorm Free is useful for heartworm positive dogs.

This natural HeartWorm Free remedy will kill the heartworms slowly over a period of time allowing your dog's immune system to help eliminate the heartworm from its body. Because HeartWorm Free works slowly your dog does not need to be confined, as required by traditional heartworm treatment. Your dog can continue to play as he or she normally would not allowing "over exertion" such as racing or breeding. Within weeks, you may notice an increase in energy and a decrease in symptoms such as coughing and weakness and a healthier coat.

HeartWorm Free is made without Wormwood and Black Walnut. Wormwood has been known to depress the central nervous system and can cause mind-altering changes leading to psychosis when used over long periods of time (usually months). Black Walnut was found to be a high allergen causing hives and other types of allergies. With this information, Amber Tech developed HWF that (in the long run) may be more beneficial to your dog.

For more information about heartworm, please go to our Heartworm Information Webpage.

HeartWorm Free is an all natural herbal remedy that contains organic herbs:

Garlic ~ Helps repel parasites, anti-microbial, stimulates immune system, antioxidant, lowers blood pressure, and overall tonic.

Black Seed ~ An overall tonic herb known for its effectiveness on the respiratory system, stomach, intestinal tract, kidney, liver, circulatory and immune system. Anti-parasitic.

Licorice ~ Supports lung tissue, blood cleansing, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, stimulates immune system (immunostimulant).

Hawthorn ~ Strengthens heart structures and functions (tonic), lowers blood pressure, nutritive, antioxidant.

Hops ~ Used as a diuretic.

Sorrel ~ Cleans the vessels of parasites.

Apricot Pits ~ Contains small amounts of natural occurring cyanide.

Grapefruit Seed Extract ~ Used for viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Also rids the body of parasites.

Flavorings ~ To make it more palatable.

Alcohol ~ Intensifies the activity of the HWF herbal tincture while acting as a natural preservative.

Distilled Water.

MUST READ: Killing heartworms can be dangerous for your dog. Dead worms can clog small blood vessels causing organs to fail making it imperative that your animal be confined to a small space to try and prevent this from happening. Older, sick, or pregnant animals may not be able to tolerate traditional veterinary treatment and some dogs are simply sent home to die without care, as the traditional heartworm medications would kill the dog. This is why the HeartWorm Free remedy was created. HeartWorm Free's slow method of heartworm treatment has its benefits, which allows the dog to recover slowly. HeartWorm Free works well for all dogs, young, elderly, and is safe enough to give to pregnant dogs.

Keep in mind you are working with heartworms. The heart is a vital organ. Whether you use choose to use traditional heartworm treatment or natural heartworm treatment, there are risks. Anytime you work with the heart you take a risk. The heartworms can dislodge and go anywhere in the system. The heart can become weakened from the heartworms. Heartworms can get up to 3 feet long. If a dog is harboring a 3-foot long heartworm the time to rid the body of heartworms can be 36 weeks or longer. The severity of the heartworm infestation and condition of the heart will determine the results with the HeartWorm Free treatment. Amber Tech does NOT guarantee the health of your dog, due to conditions out of Amber Tech's control.

During Heartworm Treatment: The kidneys will suffer much stress as they work hard to pull the worms through the system. Amber Tech recommends putting your dog on KIDNEY REJUVENATOR in addition to the HeartWorm Free remedy to help eliminate and dissolve worms in the blood and keep the kidneys healthy which will help your dog overcome canine heartworm more quickly and easily, plus help him or her test heartworm negative more quickly. It is recommended to use the KIDNEY REJUVENAOR throughout the entire treatment for best results.

HeartWorm Free Recommended Use:

Dog Weight
HeartWorm Free
under 5 lbs.
1.0 mil
5 to 15 lbs.
1.6 mil
16 to 25 lbs.
2.0 mil
26 to 50 lbs.
2.4 mil
51 to 80 lbs.
2.6 mil
81 to 100 lbs.
3.0 mil
101 to 150 lbs.
3.4 mil
151 to 200 lbs.
3.6 mil
201 to 250 lbs.
3.8 mil

Please note:    A syringe is included with each bottle of HeartWorm Free, along with instructions on HWF administration.  HeartWorm Free has a 4 year shelf life.

Recommended Use:  Shake well before each use. Administer the appropriate dose in number of ml's as determined by the above weight-based chart twice daily.  HWF is best absorbed in the mouth, so it is recommended to dose directly into the mouth and not be given in food.  Do NOT give on an empty stomach.  Do NOT exceed recommended dose!  Do NOT use in conjunction with a heartworm preventative or flea/tick preventatives, as these things toxify the kidneys, liver, blood, and body, which suppresses the immune system and will make your dog take longer to test heartworm negative. NO heartworm preventative is needed while your dog is on HWF. Twice/day dosing should be given approximately ever 12 hours.

PLEASE READ:   Often, dogs infested with heartworm lose weight, as the heartworm infestation makes them less hungry and active. Most dogs gain weight while using HeartWorm Free, as the heartworms are killed and the dog becomes more active, their appetite returns.  It is EXTREMELY important to make certain your dog is getting the proper HWF dose, based on their weight. We recommend weighing dogs that are close to the top of their dosage weight range at least once/week and once they reach the next weight level dosage, start them on that proper dosage immediately. Failure to do this can result in a longer treatment time.  So, please, weigh your dog regularly to make sure he or she is getting the proper dose of HWF.

KIDNEY REJUVENATOR should be used during treatment to keep the kidney's healthy (recommended most if your dog is exhibiting heartworm symptoms).  Once the heartworms die they must dissolve in the blood and work their way through the kidneys and out the urinary tract system.  Many dogs will suffer from weak kidneys during and after treatment, so for optimum results it is recommended to give the KIDNEY REJUVENATOR in conjunction with the HWF.

After you have completed 9 weeks of HWF treatment take your dog to a veterinarian for a check-up to ensure there are no microfilaria (have the vet draw blood and check it under a microscope).  IF no microfilaria are present the treatment is working and you can continue with the full course.  IF microfilaria are still present, there is a bigger problem.  The heartworms can huddle together in the heart and form a ball. They can perform somewhat of a shield and continue to lay eggs.  This is an advanced form of heartworms.  You must make a decision with your vet. Using either traditional veterinary treatment or HWF will be dangerous for your dog.  If you continue to use HWF contact us for advanced dosing instructions.

After the full course of HWF take your dog back to the veterinarian for another blood draw.  If the veterinarian does not see any live heartworms swimming in the blood you can continue with the next step (in the next paragraph). If the veterinarian does see live heartworms swimming, then we need to continue with additional HWF treatment.

Completing the HWF Treatment:  Once your canine has completed the HeartWorm Free treatment continue to give the HWF, but give once a day at 1/2 the normal dose (i.e., if your dog's treatment dose was 2.4 ml's twice/day, give only 1.2 mils once/day for 3 to 4 months).  NO heartworm preventative is needed while your dog is on this dose after completing the HWF treatment. After the first month, start the INTERNAL GOLD DETOX KIT which will last for one month. After the four months, have your dog retested. If your dog has a positive snap test, ask your veterinarian to draw blood and view the blood through a microscope.  If the veterinarian finds live heartworms, continue the HWF treatment.  If the veterinarian does not find live heartworms continue the 1/2 daily dose until the dead heartworms are out of the system and perform a detox using the INTERNAL GOLD DETOX KIT.

Recommended Use for Pregnant Dogs:   HWF is safe to give to pregnant dogs at one-half (1/2) the normal dose while pregnant and then giving the full dose once her puppies are born. This will help prevent her infestation from getting worse while pregnant. Depending on her level of infestation while pregnant, she may need to be treated a little longer than the 4 month cycle, since she would be on 1/2 the normal dose while pregnant.

Additional Heart Support:  HAWTHORN & DANDELION is a natural organic herbal remedy that is highly recommended for keeping the heart strong and healthy. Often times the heartworms can cause heart damage. It is our intent to help prevent the worms from damaging the heart and strengthen the walls so they can withstand the length of treatment. HAWTHORN & DANDELION is also designed to act as a diuretic and help the kidneys. Be sure to provide your dog with plenty of fluid during treatment.

Feeding "heart" (beef, chicken, pork, turkey, etc.) helps nourish the heart and is excellent in cases where the heart is deficient in situations such as heart disease, heartworms, etc. We recommend feeding raw heart at least 3 to 4 days per week.

If your dog is on the HWF longer than 36 weeks, take her off for a 3 week break, then continue if needed. Have your dog retested 3 months AFTER you have detoxed the system (using Amber Tech's INTERNAL GOLD DETOX KIT OR 4 months AFTER treatment is completed.

HeartWorm Free is designed to act SLOWLY to eliminate the need to keep your dog confined. Do not allow breeding, racing, or over exerting. The average time for a dog with a moderate infestation of heartworms is 16 weeks. Depending on the severity of your dog's heartworm infestation, you may need to treat your dog for a longer period of time, especially if your dog has a heavy infestation of heartworms.

Although most dogs recover on the 16 to 24 week course, not all dogs will. A good diet, moderate exercise, and plenty of fluid may increase your pet's odds of overcoming heartworms.

IF your dog continues to cough after 4 weeks of using the HeartWorm Free, PLEASE contact us (951) 674-0921, Monday through Friday 9am-5pm PST or E-Mail Us.   Severe cases that haven't stopped coughing within 4 weeks of treatment may require additional care.   ADIZONE can be helpful in more severe cases who exhibit coughing and/or decreased exercise tolerance.

How many 4 oz. bottles of HWF will your dog need for the 16 or 24 week treatment?

Dog Weight
HWF 16 weeks
HWF 24 weeks
HWF 36 weeks
under 5 lbs.
1.9 Bottles
2.8 Bottles
4.2 Bottles
5 to 15 lbs.
3 Bottles
4.5 Bottles
6.7 Bottles
16 to 25 lbs.
3.7 Bottles
5.6 Bottles
8.4 Bottles
26 to 50 lbs.
4.5 Bottles
6.7 Bottles
10.1 Bottles
51 to 80 lbs.
4.9 Bottles
7.3 Bottles
10.9 Bottles
81 to 100 lbs.
5.6 Bottles
8.4 Bottles
12.6 Bottles
101 to 150 lbs.
6.4 Bottles
9.5 Bottles
14.3 Bottles
151 to 200 lbs.
6.7 Bottles
10.1 Bottles
15.1 Bottles
201 to 250 lbs.
7.1 Bottles
10.6 Bottles
16 Bottles
251 lbs. & up
7.5 Bottles
11.2 Bottles
16.8 Bottles

This chart may be used as a guide only.   It is not a guarantee. Be sure to weigh your dog before starting the HeartWorm Free. The approximate length of time it will take to treat your dog is as follows:

If your dog is not showing symptoms - 16 weeks
Symptomatic dogs (i.e., tires easily, loss of appetite, coughing and swelling) - 24 weeks
Symptomatic longer than 3 months - 26 weeks
Symptomatic longer than 6 months - 36 weeks

Every dog is different and some will respond more readily than others.

Remember, heartworm can get up to 3 feet long. The dog's body has to dissolve all the dead heartworms in order for your dog to test heartworm negative. This is why dogs that test a high positive for heartworm will need a little more treatment time and why we recommend the KIDNEY REJUVENATOR below for the more heavily infested cases.

KIDNEY REJUVENATOR can help your dog eliminate the dead heartworm from the body more quickly.  Dead microfilaria are filtered through the kidneys.  Your dog's kidneys can become overwhelmed with microfilaria and not eliminate them as quickly as they should.  KIDNEY REJUVENATOR can help cleanse the kidneys making it easier to eliminate the dead microfilaria and in many cases make it easier on the dog, hasten their recovery from heartworm, and help them to test heartworm negative more quickly.

After the heartworms expire, they can stay in the system for a period of time. It is up to the body to dissolve the heartworms and process them through the kidneys and out the urine. If you had your dog tested with dead heartworms in the system, the test will still show a positive result.

Heartworm Free Testimonials

Warning:  Keep out of reach of children.   Do NOT give to cats.   Apricot pits contain small amounts of naturally occurring cyanide.    Do NOT use in conjunction with a traditional heartworm preventative or flea/tick treatment.    Do not give products containing Ivermectin while treating with HWF. HWF is designed to act SLOWLY to eliminate the need to keep your dog confined.   Do NOT allow breeding, racing, or over exerting. Do NOT use LIFE CELL SUPPORT (in the INTERNAL GOLD DETOX KIT) until AFTER HeartWorm Free treatment is completed.

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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