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DMSO aka dimethyl sulfoxide (CH3)2SO is an all-natural substance derived from wood pulp. DMSO is produced through the normal decomposition of plants, as well as fresh and marine algae. DMSO is found in small amounts in milk. DMSO can penetrate the skin and travel through the body quickly. Physicians use DMSO to carry other medicinal substances into the body quickly, which consequently makes them much more effective. DMSO has been used for many years in sports medicine for a variety of problems and conditions.

MSM is derived from DMSO. DMSO is an oily liquid with a garlicky smell that when applied topically may reduce pain and inflammation in joints and muscles. It's been shown to promote healing of minor cuts and burns.

DMSO can help enhance immune-system function and protect against free-radicals. DMSO is a powerful antioxidant. It promotes healing of minor cuts and burns.

DMSO Uses Viruses lack genetic material of their own, they can only multiply within a cell some viruses, once in the cell, are protected by the protein coating of the cell making most antiviral drugs ineffective. One of the most important attributes of DMSO is its ability to enter the cell itself. DMSO is a death sentence for viruses because it contains oxygen; viruses cannot exist in a highly oxygenated environment. When DMSO is applied properly, it enters the cell and kills the virus. This has shown to be particularly effective in the treatment of the herpes virus; DMSO is also excellent for healing deep tissue, muscle injuries, burns, and other wounds. The FDA has approved DMSO for interstital cystitis, but for nothing else at the time of this writing; however, because of this approval, a medical doctor can prescribe DMSO in the U.S. for many other health conditions. Some studies have shown it to be effective with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions due to its collagen softening and pain relieving properties.

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When applied to the skin, DMSO is quickly absorbed, moving straight to the circulatory system. DMSO use speeds the healing process because with decreased inflammation, there is increased blood flow to the injured areas, and our blood can then transport more nutrients and antioxidants to the injured areas.

Research indicates that DMSO may be useful in the treatment of:

  • Brain and spinal cord damage
  • Ulcers
  • ALS
  • Inflammation
  • Skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis
  • Relieve the pain and inflammation of pulled muscles and connective-tissue injuries
  • Decrease inflammation of joints and muscle tissue after intense training sessions
  • Enhance immune-system function and protect against free-radical damage

DMSO Recommended Use:

DMSO is to be used as a solvent only. It is best to consult your physician before using this product and to follow their recommendations for the treatment of your symptoms.

DMSO Safety & Interaction Information: Since DMSO is a carrier, it could carry toxic material from the skin into the body. It is rare to have toxic material on skin, but wash the skin thoroughly before applying DMSO if you or your animal have been working with or around pesticides or other toxic substances. Those with skin sensitivities may experience a temporary itching or slight irritation but this can be remedied by reducing the 99% pure solution to a 70% solution. DMSO can produce a garlic like odor that can last 4-6 hours after application. Safety in young children, pregnant, nursing women or pets or those with severe liver or kidney disease is not known.

Cautions: May cause skin irritation. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. In case of contact with eyes, flush eyes with water and call a physician. This product is intended to be used as a solvent only. Not approved for human use. Use of this product by its various forms of applications are the sole responsibility of the customer. Keep out of reach of children.

DMSO is not FDA approved for any uses other than interstitial cystitis, which requires doctor administration.

DMSO is available only by prescription in Canada.

Here are some books about DMSO that may help provide more information to you:


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