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This webpage addresses how and why we personally use diatomaceous earth 365 days/year and it helps to prevent repeated e-mails to others asking questions about how we use food grade diatomaceous earth. If you are interested in the manufacturers recommended feeding rates or general diatomaceous earth information, go to our: Diatomaceous Earth Facts, Information & Feeding Rates Page.

At least fifty percent of our business is related to worm or parasite overloads in humans and animals OR the results of the chemical wormers that have now poisoned the human or animal and lowered/poisoned their immune system enough to cause disease.


When we take in feral rescue kittens I feed the DE internally 1 heaping tsps. daily for tiny 1 to 2# kittens as we KNOW they will have tapeworms. Immediately thereafter and for about 2 weeks, they emit 30 to 40 tiny tape segments on the back of their hind end fur. Little by little, there are fewer and fewer tape segments seen, their pot bellies are gone, and their stools are normal. Within 2 to 3 weeks all the adult fleas are gone and no larvae exist.

IF we tried to bathe these feral rescues, they would KILL us and likely never come near a human again. It is our goal to adopt them out, so bathing is not an option. Most people don't want feral cats or kittens, most want friendly, social, healthy ones and the DE really helps us accomplish this painlessly.

We feed whole rabbits we buy from rabbitries that sell to the supermarket butchers to all our canines and felines. Rabbits are natural carriers of tapeworms. Before we began using DE in 1997, I would occasionally see tapes in the canines stools. I did the "messy" Juliette de Bairacli Levy worming - fasting 3 days prior to the full moon - castor oil and antiparasitic herbs and foods. It took care of the tapes, but was a HUGE mess to clean up the diarrhea. Since using DE regularly the past 8 years in everyone's food here, I have never seen a tape segment in anyones stool. :-)

DE does need to be fed daily in adequate amounts - at least 30 to 45 days for tape worms and 90 days for lung worms.


Food grade DE eliminates roundworms, whipworms, pinworms, and hookworms within 7 days of being fed daily. Studies that advise this are on our DE FAQ page and elsewhere throughout the internet.

We always suggest feeding DE for a minimum of 30 days for roundworms, whipworms, or hookworms, due to their life cycle and needing to catch any hatching eggs, as DE does not kill eggs.

Lungworms, including hookworms that have migrated to the lungs for which upper respiratory symptoms would be seen - sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, runny eyes, etc., take double the recommended daily DE dose for at least 90 days.


We use food grade diatomaceous earth (aka DE) daily, 365 days/year for numerous reasons. The animal and human health benefits food grade diatomaceous earth provides are outstanding.

Since DE does double duty - inside the gut and then outside in the stool, it makes sense/cents to just feed it 365 days/year. It keeps fly loads down and can help eliminate them completely if fed regularly and used on the grounds, makes stools smell less, and sweeps bacteria and heavy metals out of the body. Plus of course, it eliminates internal worms and parasites which will lower feed and vet bills and help prevent disease.

It is our belief that worms and parasites are a major cause of all disease. ALL cancer and other dis-eased patients have worms. Therefore, by feeding food grade diatomaceous earth in adequate quantities daily, we know we have NO worms and therefore at least seventy percent of the chance of getting diseased goes right out the window.


85 to 95% of the human population has worms and these worms are a major contributor to dis-ease. If your doctor said, here, take this chemical/poison wormer you give to your pet, would YOU take it?? If not, WHY on earth would you give it to your beloved companions?

The manufacturers recommended feeding rates for people is 1 heaping tablespoon daily. We take 2 tbsps. daily, simply because the RDA for 100 lb. dogs is 2 tbsps. and most of the humans here weigh 130 lbs. or more. Since DE won't hurt us and we know the DE has to come in contact with worms/parasites to eliminate them, a little more is better than not enough.

I recommend starting with 1 tbsp. daily and increasing as desired, after you are certain you aren't having heavy detox effects from the die off of worms.

Some human clients advise they use DE mixed with water and painted on their skin to eliminate parasites such as Helmith parasite infestations, Morgellon's disease, etc., and consume food grade diatomaceous earth daily. Apparently, painting the DE on the skin makes it easier to see the parasite eggs.

Click here for recommendations for using food grade DE for mite infestations.


If fecal counts are not zero for worms and ova after feeding DE for 30 days, increase the daily dose. Feeding too small a dose of DE will not give desired results. Increasing the dose, even if greater than the manufacturers recommendations, will not harm anyone. Some horses do fine on 1/2 cup of DE daily, others need a full cup. This reminds us, that all beings are different. So again, if the worm and ova counts are not zero, increase your daily dose.

Some advise feeding 1/2 cup daily to most of their horses works great, but there are one or two who still test positive for strongyles. As everyone's immune system is different - age, height, weight, mineral intake, etc., some just need a little more to take care of the problem.


As for traditional wormers....more and more, we are getting breeders who start worming as early as 2 and 4 weeks of age. They worm every 2 weeks and rotate their wormers using Safeguard, Ivomec, Pyrantel, Strongid, Panacur, Nemex...and many puppies then come down with parvo. Many of these puppies wormed at 2, 4, 6, & 8 weeks of age who are now 8 or 9 weeks old and now have parvo, STILL have worm infestations. We believe this is because the worms are developing immunity to the chemical wormers, just as bacteria are becoming resistant to traditional antibiotics. And again, most of these breeders aren't even using the same wormer each time they worm, but using different ones to help prevent the worms from developing immunity. Worms cannot develop immunity to food grade diatomaceous earth as it simply dehydrates those it comes in contact with - period.

Realize, that with our parvo puppy cases and the breeders who are adamant that their puppies have no worms...when based on the sick puppies symptoms, I tell them the puppy has worms, it is impossible to talk the breeder into using food grade diatomaceous earth as they KNOW they wormed their puppies with the chemical wormers and believe the puppies have NO worms. Worms can prevent recovery from parvo. It is not until the breeder actually sees a worm(s) in feces or vomit (some worms you can't even see with the naked eye), that they start to listen, but often this is after they've lost one, two, or more puppies. :-( Worms can kill puppies and cause symptoms very similar to parvo or coccidia, so the combination of BOTH parvo and excessive worm loads is even more deadly.

Realize too, once a vet diagnoses parvo, they no longer test the puppy for anything else. If we were to assume that the fecal tests would show the worms, this would make it easier to deal with the worm loads by knowing it is an issue that needs addressing. Also, note, frequently, puppies with parvo that are wormed with chemical wormers die quickly after being given the chemical wormer. Again, this is why we recommend the food grade diatomaceous earth, as we have used it when dealing with wormy parvo puppies and our customers have done so with excellent success. The DE is gentle, but effective enough to be given to a parvo puppy and will not harm the inflamed intestinal mucousa of parvo puppies.

Parvo puppies who have worm infestations and aren't having the normal parvo puppy 4 to 6 bowel movements/day (which 9 times out of 10, if they haven't had a bowel movement for 8 hours, they have worm infestations that can prevent their recovery), we syringe DE mixed with water down their throats, along with the same amount mixed with water via enema to eliminate parasites in the bowel. This helps eliminate the worms without poisoning the puppy (which traditional wormers can do) and helps loosen the worm blockage in the bowel allowing them to have a bowel movement within a few hours. Don't be surprised if you see a bunch of worms in the stool after doing this. The food grade diatomaceous earth works great and doesn't kill the animal and helps hasten their recovery.

When recent traditional worming methods cause dis-ease, chemical (aka poison) wormers must be detoxed from the system as the flood of dying parasites emit toxins, such as viruses, bacteria, ammonia, plus the poison in the wormer can harm and even kill animal, especially those with inflamed intestinal tracts such as parvo puppies.

Puppies are born with roundworms and hookworms, regardless of how free of worms their mother may have been, eggs hatch in the puppies at birth. Tapeworms are contracted if the puppy comes in contact with fleas or rodents.


I am not sure which is worse - chemical wormers that aren't effective OR the fact that fecal tests that indicate whether or not people or animals have worms are only 20 to 25% accurate!! :-( As advanced as our medical profession appears to be or tries to tell us they are, WHY on earth can they not tell us with at least 80% accuracy whether or not someone has worms??

Anyways, I gave up on traditional medicine over 15 years ago. I had picked up steamy fresh stools from 4 new rescues early one morning, drove them less than 10 minutes away to my mobile vet who immediately put the samples in her refrigerator. One of the stools belonged to a young wolf rescue who came here scooting her rear end across the ground and another one actually had worms I could see in the stool sample I brought her. The following day, she called me to advise ALL 4 fecals were negative for worms! I found it outrageous that I paid $100 for those samples and I KNEW 2 of the wolf rescues HAD worms, yet the test results came up negative.

The vet made up 60cc's of a liquid concoction of stuff that I was supposed to get down the throats of new wolf rescues who didn't even know me yet?? HAHAHA! Best yet, I needed to do this without getting bit. The vet guessed at what worms they had...anyways, the situation failed miserably, tho I got at least 40 cc's of this stuff into the scooting wolf rescue, but she continued to scoot anyways.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind spending money, but when I spend it, I want "accurate" answers or results. That shouldn't be so hard, should it?

Thus, my non-toxic natural solution has been to simply feed food grade diatomaceous earth, 365 days/year to myself and my 100 animal guardians here. I started that just over 9 years ago and Lady Nikko no longer scoots across her concrete floor! :o) PLUS, I don't have to "stuff" it down her throat, I just put it in her food, like everyone else, and she eats it just fine. And it has always worked fabulously for incoming rescue kittens or puppies/dogs that have diarrhea, some with bloated bellies. Within 48 hours of daily DE consumption, stools are much firmer and pot bellies are eliminated.


Thankfully, natural DE is not a "poison", but a natural method of eliminating parasites by dehydrating them. Since parasites are a major cause of dis-ease in everyone - human, plants, and animals, as well as the other great benefits of feeding natural DE, we immediately feed DE to all rescues or client animals (infested or not, as most often they have parasite issues and the DE will help strengthen their immune systems, get them healthier more quickly, detox heavy metals, provide 15 minerals, and eliminate any worms they may have). Our DE feeding protocol for worm infestations can be given once or twice per day as follows:
Kittens - 1/2 to 1 teaspoon
Cats - 2 teaspoons twice/day
Puppies less than 10 lbs. - 1/2 to 1 teaspoon
Puppies 10 to 19 lbs. - 2 teaspoons
Dogs 20 to 50 lbs. - 1 to 1.5 tablespoons
Dogs 50+ lbs. - 2 tablespoons
Dogs 100+ lbs. - 3 to 4 tablespoons
Cattle, Dairy Cows, & Hogs - 2% of dry feed ration & Free Choice
Chickens - 5% in feed & Free Choice
Goats & Sheep - 2-3 tbsps. per 100#'s of body weight & Free Choice
Horses - 1 to 2 cups in daily ration
*Humans - 2 to 3 heaping tablespoons daily (1 tbsp. AM, 1 tbsp. PM)

For puppies and kittens who are eating on their own, it is really easy to feed them food grade diatomaceous earth by mixing the DE in a small amount of raw goats milk (or whatever milk you prefer), yogurt, or cottage cheese.

Just remember, DE has to come in contact with the worm/parasite/bug to kill it within 24 to 72 hours. Once you start worming with DE, do NOT stop the daily DE for at least 3 weeks. IF you start one day and forget for 3 days, the infestation and dead dying worms which emit bacteria, toxins, ammonia, etc. can cause toxic overload, which can make animals or people sicker.

Anyways, you can feed too little, but you can't feed too much DE (of course, no one is going to feed a 50# bag to a canine, horse, or kitten in one day - okay, so there might be someone out there that would try it...). The recommended feeding rates on my website are what the manufacturer recommends. Personally, if I KNOW I'm dealing with an infestation in a new rescue, I ALWAYS feed more than the recommended dose for the first 3 to 4 weeks, because I don't want to have to deal with the dis-ease worm loads can cause, nor the diarrhea, etc.


Feeding DE to young pets - kittens, puppies, birds, goats, etc. as soon as they start eating on their own has shown to help prevent stool eating, dirt eating, rock eating, coccidia and giardia. Since Codex DE eliminates intestinal worms and provides 15 vital minerals, it helps keep the immune system stronger and healthier. There is no easier way to assure healthier, happy, radiant furry and feathered family members. Of course, feeding Species Appropriate Nutrition helps, as does researching information about Animal Vaccines and considering fewer of these toxins being injected into the body.


  • Do NOT get DE in the eyes. DE is a drying agent and will dry out the eyes.
  • IF you have asthma or some other lung ailment, either wear a mask or be very careful when using food grade diatomaceous earth.
  • NEVER use pool filter grade DE around animals. It can poison or kill them.
  • Some people experience a healing crisis (detox reaction) when beginning DE consumption. If this occurs, reduce the dose, till your body is cleansed, and then increase to the RDA.
  • Once you start worming with DE, remember to feed EVERY day. If you start one day and skip a few days, the build up of dead dying worms can create dis-ease.

For more DE benefits and information go to our DE Facts & Informationpage.

For more information about DE for human consumption go to our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits for People page.

For more information about using DE for mites, Morgellon's Disease and other indoor/human mite issues Click Here

To find a Retailer near you go to our Codex DE Retailers web page.

Order Codex Food Chemical Grade Diatomaceous Earth

For more information on the many uses and benefits of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth we now have available "GOING GREEN USING DIATOMACEOUS EARTH HOW-TO TIPS" by Tui Rose

This book contains more than 101 easy ways to go green using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth; easy to read, with suggestions for using DE. Gives tips on how to use Food Grade DE for everything from your animals to environmental uses.


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